Jonty Egginton

Jonty Egginton

1.       Briefly outline your journey from leaving school to where you are today

After Sackville, I went to Haywards Heath College to study Performing Arts, Media Studies and Video Production … let’s face it – I was never going to be a Doctor! After college I started to try and find freelance work on creative projects as a camera-operator and editor. It wasn’t regular but I gradually gained opportunities to work on some cool projects for brands such as Converse, Burberry, NHS etc. as well as Music Videos. I then set up my own company ‘Egg Media’ in 2012 ( where we help businesses and organizations create Videos about their products and services. You may have spotted us filming at Sackville not too long ago for the School Promotional Videos!    

2.       One piece of advice you would give your 16 year old self

Enjoy School while it lasts. As much as you might loathe it now, you’ll sometimes wish you were back there!

3.       Any stand-out moments of your progression from school to now (interviews, moving away from home etc.)

It was probably being asked to film and edit a behind the scenes Video for Mumford and Sons Music Video … and getting to work with Idris Elba!

4.       Best and Worst parts of the job or course you are doing now

Best Parts: The work can be really varied which is great. I enjoy being creative.

Worst Parts: Trying to run most aspects of the business on your own can sometimes be a little challenging.

5.       Describe a normal day in your working or studying life

Networking meetings, marketing, sending emails, filming and editing.

6.       Fondest memory from school

There are many but I’d probably say the Ski Trips!