KS3 Drama Club Matilda

KS3 Drama Club Matilda

Our KS3 Drama Club performs a moving interpretation of Matilda

One of the highlights of the end of the school year is the annual performance by our KS3 Drama Club

This year they chose to perform Roald Dahl’s Matilda. These students only meet for an hour on Tuesday evenings, yet produced a polished version of the play. The performances and narration quickly drew the audience in, and our sympathies were with Miss Honey and Matilda, and we enjoyed the Wormwood family’s comeuppance.

We look forward to seeing these students progress as they move up through the school. If they can fulfil the promise of this piece, we are in for some treats! Well done to Julia BottenMary DayElizabeth SisleyJess WalkerAmy Nolan, Georgina Kane, Amie Botha, Jessica Doggett, Lauren Vermeer, Amy Hewer, Kieran Colvill and Charlotte MacKenzie.

Thanks to Ms Collins and Mr Hoelters for the technical support, and of course to Mrs Carrick for her endless enthusiasm in running the after school club.

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