Performing arts day

Performing arts day

Performing arts students from KS4 and 5 show their talents

Thursday May 2nd was a big day in the drama and performing arts block as students from years 10 to 13 put on their showcase assessed pieces. There were so many that the performances started during lesson 1 and did not finish till after 5pm.

It’s fair to say the performing arts are alive and kicking here at Sackville, with a variety of pieces on display. These included the exploration of split personality disorder, and the impact of a debilitating road accident on a young man’s life. The senior students explored life through song, inspired by a Dylan Thomas poem.
For our year 13s, this was their last ever show at Sackville. So farewell and good luck to Tom Whitwick, Ethan Chapman, Nuha Diaz, Juno Phitidis, and Melissa Turner.
Also pictured here are Ollie Howland and Beth Peadon (year 12), and from year 11 Jed Alderson, Alec Bignall, Ben Brown, Ethan Allen, James Flambard, Sasha Garrott, Elisha Appleby, Georgia Cotterell, Finn Crawford and Louis Maxwell.
Well done to all of them, and a special thanks to Ms Warran, Mrs Beasley and Ms Collins for inspiring these young people. A special call-out to Maisie Barnes who has worked so hard for her final piece but chose instead to spend performance day in hospital. Get well soon Maisie!


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