Tom Dawes Luke Power Memorial Game

Tom Dawes Luke Power Memorial Game

Sackville staff narrowly lose Tom Dawes and Luke Power Memorial Game

Whilst Liverpool were preparing for the first leg of their game against Barcelona, on the humbler turf of the Forest Row Memorial Ground, Sackville staff were taking on Forest Row Junior Football Club coaches in a football match in memory of Luke Power and Tom Dawes, two former Sackville students who lost their lives in a road accident in 2014.

Luke’s brother Lewis played for Sackville and Tom’s brother Adam played for Forest Row. Both the brothers are very strong footballers and improved the standard of play considerably! It was a close game (as those of us on the losing side always like to say) with Sackville losing in the final few minutes to a long range strike from former Sackville student Callum Duckworth. Both Sackville goals came from Alex (‘Darren’) Light.
Thanks to all of those who turned out, and to Leo Granstrom, Charlie Moon and Matei Cumpatescu for running the line.


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