Virtual trips continue in A level law

Virtual trips continue in A level law

Virtual trips continue in law and business

The latest virtual visit for our year 12 law students was to The UK Supreme Court. This visit allowed them to find out more about the role of this relatively new court in the UK structure. The UK Supreme Court has existed for a mere 11 years and the students were keen to find out about who worked there and the types of cases they deal with. They were surprised to discover that Supreme Court justices are not currently particularly representative of the population in terms of age, gender and ethnicity. They also were informed about difficult decisions the court needs to make to protect the rights of its citizens including a case to do with discrimination of a disabled person by a bus company.

Year 10 business students meanwhile have been finding out more about the role of the UK Parliament and how they can have a say. Students have had a class assembly and carried out activities to increase their knowledge of Parliament and how their views can be represented, alongside creating question and answer models to share their knowledge.


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