Curriculum and Values

For a quick summary of what we stand for, here is ‘Sackville on a Page’.

At Sackville we aim to provide an engaging knowledge-rich curriculum that allows all students to achieve their potential regardless of their ability or talents; ensuring as a school that we fight for every child. Our curriculum will provide clear progression routes which prepare students for the world of work and to live fulfilling adult lives as global citizens; leaving students with a lifelong love for learning.

Below is Sackville School’s current curriculum model:





This simple diagram does not do our curriculum justice as it is so much more than just a series of individual lessons. What we have is an engaging programme of study to deliver knowledge and skills that is underpinned by the school’s core values.





For further information regarding the school’s curriculum intent and rationale, click on the link below:
Sackville School’s Curriculum Intent and Rationale

Should you have any queries about the curriculum please contact Paul Street, Deputy Head:

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