To develop well rounded students who have a love for PE and physical activity and understand how to lead a healthy active lifestyle.

To inspire students to fulfil a career within the wider world of sport and physical activity to help shape the nation with regards sport in society.


We have selected a range of activities that allows students to develop skills to enable them to participate and be successful in a range of activities. 

The range of activities we have selected develop social interaction, teamwork and self confidence. These will allow them to enjoy the activity they are taking part in but also wider education. Many of the activities chosen are readily available within the local community and will therefore promote lifelong participation in sport and physical activity.  The activities chosen complement one another in developing core skills that lead on to more advanced skills as well as developing knowledge and understanding of the different components of fitness and elements of health.

As students progress into KS4 core PE we encourage positive lifestyle choices and explore further activities that continue to develop and improve core and advanced skills.  Students are provided with leadership opportunities, which further develop the communication and organisation skills.

Within examined PE students develop a deeper understanding about the body and its response to exercise and training as well as the psychological aspects concerning sport and physical activity.  Students also develop a great understanding about the commercialisation of sport and technological developments that emphasise the great role that sport and exercise play in our society, not only for health and fitness but also business and enterprise.  Students are opened up to ideas for careers and further study and the impact that they have in society.

Throughout all years students will develop great communication skills, leadership and teamwork, resilience, organisation, empathy and determination.  These are imbedded throughout the curriculum and help to develop well rounded young people.



KS3 Core PE Curriculum Map KS4 Core PE Curriculum Map GCSE PE Curriculum Map



Curriculum Team Leaders for PE – Mr Ali Currie and Mrs Lisa Richards

Last Name First Name Staff Code Work Email
Currie Suzanne SCE
Davies Ben BDS
Endersby Jake JEY
Poulton Daniel DPN
Currie Ali ACE
Richards Lisa LRS
Sands Gill GSS
Jones Alex AJE