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The National Grid Unplugged: A Behind the Scenes Exploration – Monday 11th December, from 5pm – 6pm!

Have you ever wondered when you switch the lights on at home or power up your TV everything seems to come on? Or perhaps when you charge up your mobile phones, switch the oven or microwave on. Electricity is all around us and a key commodity that we all rely on each day.

You might be thinking, we get our electricity from Eon, Octopus Energy, OVO etc… but who do you think supplies all these energy companies their electricity they then sell on to you?   

Welcome to National Grid, the sole monopoly owners of all the electricity supply within the U.K

We’ve got an exclusive insight to one of the worlds biggest electrical engineering companies, a FTSE 100 Company with over £18 billion and operations all over the globe. Employing over 30,000 people National Grid are at the forefront of this industry with a rapidly growing renewable energy arm.

If you like solving problems, working on projects that require a logical thinking then this opportunity if for you.

This event is geared to all students looking into get into the engineering industry with a big focus on electrical engineering and renewable energies. For the first time National Grid are opening up their doors off the back of this virtual event to invite students to join them behind the scenes on a work experience event like no other.

You’ll get to see first hand on what engineers get up to as well as meeting top senior professionals on what they do.

If you’d like to secure your spot and get the opportunity to come in person in the new year click the ‘apply now’ button below to secure your place.

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Join Us For Our Higher Apprenticeship Lunchtime Live Event – 12th Dec


Each year Heidelberg Materials take on a large number or degree apprentices across the country. Log on to our webinar and find out more about the roles available and how to apply.



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Law Unleashed: A Dynamic Insight to Law with Wiggin – Wednesday 13th December, from 5pm – 6pm!

Have you ever imagined what it’s like to be an adviser to Gucci? If fashion isn’t for you, how about sitting at the same table as senior management at Manchester United? Or even Netflix? We have got you sorted.

We have an exclusive event with the world renowned law firm, Wiggin, specialising in the exciting world of media, technology and IP; Wiggin is a law firm like no other.

As we live in a world surrounded by the digital world, this presents new legal challenges every day. This is why Wiggin pride themselves on being ready for them.

This virtual event will be held on Wednesday 13th December from 5pm – 6pm, where you will hear first hand from some of the biggest legal professionals in the industry whilst taking part in fun and practical workshops to really give you a sense of what it’s like to be a lawyer at a firm which specialises in entertainment law.

With offices in London, Cheltenham, Edinburgh and Brussels and over 235 employees (including 45 partners) creates a unique culture, focused on our values: visionary, authentic, unified, responsible & excellent.

Undergoing a solicitor apprenticeship at Wiggin really sets you apart from the crowd and you will have the opportunity to engage with some of the biggest names in media and technology such as Gucci, Warner Bros, 21st Century Fox, Manchester United, Nintendo, Sony Music, Netflix and Audible.

You do not want to miss the opportunity to speak to senior lawyers to gain an insight into this fascinating world. This infamous law firm holds a vast range of opportunities for all aspiring students wanting to develop their career into law such as in person work experience and insight events, mentoring and solicitor apprenticeship opportunities. This is an exclusive opportunity you won’t want to miss.

There are limited spaces available so sign up now to secure your spot at this prestigious event.

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Insight into Financial Services, Data and Technology with Fidelity International
Thursday 14th December, 5pm – 6pm

How would you invest a portfolio of 500 billion pounds? In rapidly evolving markets, learn how Fidelity approach wealth management to adapt to changing economic landscapes. Come along to our Virtual Insight on Thursday 14th December from 5:00pm – 6:00pm so you can learn how to enter the global financial services sector and understand first-hand how an investment firm operates.

Fidelity International are an investment management company, responsible for total client assets worth £516.9 billion, from over 2.52 million clients across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, South America and Canada. Fidelity have a number of offices in the UK and Ireland and have some fantastic school-leaver opportunities. They offer a wide range of financial services to clients all over the world and with that comes a huge variety of careers and roles on offer.

You will be hearing all about their upcoming apprenticeships opportunities, the application process and how to kick-start your career in Finance and Tech!

Join us for the dive and sign up using the button below:

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Interested in a career in Medicine or Digital Health Care?

Attend these webinars to learn more.  These are hosted on Zoom and are free to attend. Whether you are still in school or college and thinking about your next steps, or a careers advisor who wants to know more about some of the amazing roles in the NHS, please do sign-up to attend and hear from some of our great healthcare professionals across London.

Use this link for more information.  Careers-Untapped-Webinar-Flyer-Sept-Oc-2023















Get your free event guide!Book your free tickets for the upcoming What University? & What Career? Live school leaver event taking place on 10 & 11 November at Olympia London












At the Army Foundation College (AFC), Harrogate we get 16 and 17 year olds ready for a career in the British Army. We can help you get the military skills, fitness and education that you need for a great start in whichever part of the Army that suits you – while you earn a good wage and make friends for life.





We are pleased to inform you that NATS (National Air Traffic Services) will be hosting an event in August specifically designed for young women aged 14-19. This event aims to provide valuable insights into the field of Air Traffic Control and NATS’ operational activities. It is an excellent opportunity to discover potential career paths in this highly rewarding and exciting field. NATS has requested us to extend this invitation to our network, and we would be delighted to have you join us on this special day in August. To express your interest, please register using the following link: