My Child At School App

We are delighted to be able to launch the ‘My Child At School’ application in December 2022. We are always looking for ways to make our communication with families as effective as possible and we are pleased that this will go some way to doing that.

As soon as parents/carers set up their account they will be able to see the following information:

  • Attendance – Summary of your child’s attendance in school including lesson by lesson. This is live information and is updated throughout the day
  • Timetable – Your child’s full timetable
  • Data Collection – The ability to change your personal details online in an easy form


The following will be available from Monday 5 December 2022.  At that point, any payments or dinner balances will be transferred to your MCAS account.   Any payments from that point will need to be made through MCAS rather than Scopay, which will be discontinued immediately.  Any payments students make in school will then be added to the MCAS balance too.

When the finance module has been activated you will then be able to see:

  • Products – These will be any products that specific departments or areas give you the option to purchase
  • Trips – Where any trips/visits will be located, including details, sign up and payment
  • Dinner Money – The new home of topping up your child’s lunch money

We will look to add further information that families will find useful as we move through the school year.