Emotional Wellbeing

What is emotional wellbeing and why is it so important?

Our mental health and wellbeing have an impact on how we think and feel about others and ourselves. It also influences how we interpret or understand events in our lives. The state of our mental health affects our ability to make, maintain and end relationships. The state of our mental health has a direct impact on our ability to learn, cope with change and manage transition and life events.

To be emotionally well is to have a positive state of mind and body. A feeling of being safe and able to cope. We experience a sense of connection with ourselves and others locally and the world beyond.

This section of our website is aimed at helping you when you may be feeling low, anxious or numb of any emotion at all. Please feel free to navigate your way around how and when you want to.


**Please note this part of our website is regularly updated. However, if you click on a link and it doesn’t work please get in touch so we can update it.**

What you will find on each page:

Page 2 – In School Support

Page 3 – Self-help Ideas – Physical

Page 4 – Self-help Ideas – Mindfulness

Page 5 – Self-help Ideas – Creative

Page 6 – Diversity

Page 7 – Signposting to Organisations

Page 8 – Managing Exam Stress

Page 9 – Coping with Coronavirus

Page 10 – Get in touch