Transition Calendar 2024

Whilst many Year 6 students and their parents/carers will have visited Sackville and met some staff through our partnerships and work with the local primary schools, we are aware of the need to calendar more formal arrangements to ensure a smooth transition to Secondary School for our students.

Below are some of the transition events scheduled for the coming year.






Primary School Data Collection: –  Information be emailed to primary schools in order to collect data on pupils transferring to Sackville. This data collection also includes details of any vulnerable students and SEND. Our SENDCo and Welfare and Safeguarding team will  liaise with primary schools to discuss necessary provisions once this info has been received.


Yr 6 Staff / SENDCo

March to be returned by 24th May

Primary School

Primary School Visit:  An opportunity for students to meet one of our Community Leaders and Transition Coordinator, who will inform pupils about life at Sackville and outline the transition process.

1 hour

All pupils transferring to Sackville

20th May- 

7th June

Primary School


Transition + Day:  An additional day at Sackville for a small group of pupils that focuses upon familiarising pupils with the school and its routines, alongside team-building and creativity. Pupils to be escorted by primary school staff.


8.45am –12.20pm

Identified Vulnerable pupils

20th June

Sackville School

New Intake Parents’ Meetings:  Individual meetings for pupils and parents with a senior member of staff. Appointments will be sent to parents by post.

15 mins


All pupils transferring to Sackville and parents

10th June – 14th June


Sackville School

3 Day Induction:  Pupils will sample 3 days at Sackville spending time with their new form and meeting their tutor.

8.25am – 2.20pm

All pupils transferring to Sackville

3rd-5th July

Sackville School

New Parents Evening:  We will be inviting parents into the school. There will be a welcome presentation, followed by a short meeting with your child’s tutor group. These will be staggered appointments of small groups.


Parents of transferring pupils


6th July


Sackville School

Year 7 Celebration Assembly:  An extended morning assembly to celebrate the year 7s progress and success throughout their transition from primary and first term at Sackville.

8.30am – 9.30pm

Year 7 students, parents and Year 6 primary teachers

Mid December

Sackville School