Business Studies


To provide all our students with a broad and relevant span of subject knowledge that will allow them to progress into their further learning or careers with the necessary information, personal and financial skills to contribute productively to society and achieve personal success. They should also be able to demonstrate an awareness of cultural, environmental and ethical issues around them as part of their role as global citizens.


Our curriculum design offers a range of qualifications that are engaging and inspiring, and which reflects the demands of a truly modern and evolving business and economics environment. The qualifications are selected to enable Sackville students to develop as commercially minded and enterprising individuals and offer them the best opportunities to succeed in their chosen courses. Our courses content and approach are familiar – particularly through using the same exam board for GCSE, vocational and GCE Business and Economics and the structure of the current specifications builds on the earlier content so a path from KS4 to KS5 is consistent. We start the KS4 courses with an exploration of how and why businesses start, moving through to the issues and decisions businesses make as they grow. Clear and simple structure in the exam papers to make sure students are clear about the assessment requirements. The subject includes engaging and contemporary contexts to spark our students’ imagination and inspire commercial thinking as they develop their business knowledge. This content allows for inclusive teaching and ethical issues to be debated. Clear and accessible assessment in the papers and assignments will build our students’ confidence through ramped questions or assessment criteria which provides a level of increasing challenge to the students.



Year 10 GCSE Business

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Year 11 GCSE Business

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Year 10 BTEC Enterprise

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Year 11 BTEC Enterprise

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Curriculum Team Leader for Business Studies – Mrs Elaine Benjamin

Last Name First Name Staff Code Work Email
Dupoy James JDY
Benjamin Elaine EBN
Collett James JCT