Drama and Performing Arts


Dance, Drama and Performing Arts give opportunities for students to explore the world around them and their place within it. At Sackville, students explore the curriculum through a broad range of diverse and challenging themes, issues, genres, styles, texts, repertoire and practitioners, in both lessons and through extra curricular opportunities. 

Students develop skills in analysis, evaluation and application of practical and technical skills, from page to stage and rehearsal to performance. In doing so, they are given the building blocks to be able to devise with imagination, creativity and originality; to perform and design with confidence and to analyse and evaluate the success of their own and others’ creative intentions.


The Performing Arts subjects give invaluable opportunities for students to work collaboratively, to express themselves creatively and to develop empathy towards others. The combination of both practical and academic elements supports students to access a curriculum where they can flourish, away from the rigours of pure academia. By exploring a broad range of texts and practitioners, we ensure students experience a wide range of cultural and social performance styles as well as gender and identity issues. This, when introduced at age-appropriate times, makes learning inclusive and personally relevant to students across all key stages. 

The Performing Arts taught at Sackville encourages all students to step out of their comfort zone. It equips students with the subject specific skills and knowledge necessary for future learning and careers, and develops transferable skills for life.



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Curriculum Team Leader for Drama and Performing Arts – Mrs Holly Whitmore

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Milligan Lewis LMN lmilligan@sackvilleschool.org.uk
Moriarty Harry HMY hmoriarty@sackvilleschool.org.uk
Wernham Lucy LWM lwernham@sackvilleschool.org.uk
Nibloe Hannah HNE hnibloe@sackvilleschool.org.uk
Whitmore Holly HWE hwhitmore@sackvilleschool.org.uk