Learning for Life


Our Learning for Life curriculum aims to enable our students to become healthy, safe, independent, responsible members of society who demonstrate respect and tolerance and who are prepared to face and manage the challenges and opportunities of an ever-changing modern World.


We have developed a program that is broad and age appropriate. We deliver the sessions in an extended tutor time on Wednesday mornings which gives enough time for in depth development, both on that day and over time. We believe it is important that the tutor delivers this program so they can use their positive relationships with the students to best support any difficult conversations or topics. They are also able to tailor the sessions in the most effective way as they know the students best.

The curriculum themes are designed to build from the previous year’s learning as you can see on the overview below. We want all students to have a broad understanding of each main theme that will prepare them for the wider world after Sackville, including the world of work.

Our Sixth Form program runs through the Sixth Form team but draws on many of the themes to give them an age-appropriate curriculum. This is designed and delivered through the Sixth Form team as they know the students best and can cater for each cohort’s specific needs.


An overview for Years 7-11 can be found here

Should families wish to view any materials we use in our Learning for Life sessions then please contact Mr Jake Endersby via jendersby@sackvilleschool.org.uk.


Curriculum Team Leader for Learning for Life – Mr Jake Endersby