6th Form Dress Code

Established June 2022: Student/Teacher/Support Staff working party

Our sixth form dress code recognises a student’s transition from main school into sixth form. The code allows a high degree of personal choice. Our guidance is that students must dress appropriately for a professional environment and place of work and study.

The Sackville Way #TheSway – Kindness, Respect, Prepared 


  • Only outer garments visible
  • Midriffs covered completely by tops; midriffs should not be exposed.
  • Tops with neck lines starting no lower than the top of the armpit. 
  • Hoodies may be worn but strictly with hoods down.


  • Natural hair colour

If you have dyed your hair an unnatural colour during the holiday period, we request you allow time for this to grow out before the beginning of term.


  • Students are asked to have their school lanyard visible at all times on the school site. 




We recognise at the age of 18 yrs, some students wish to express their character through a tattoo. Please read this guidance. 

  • No offensive tattoos (racist, homophobic etc.)
  • No full limb tattoos
  • No face, hand or neck tattoos
  • Tattoos kept covered



The following types of piercings are acceptable:

  • Ear
  • Discreet nose piercing
  • One other discreet facial piercing


The senior leadership and sixth form staff teams reserve the right to decide what is appropriate dress for a place of study. Should the dress of a student not be deemed suitable for our environment, it can result in a member of staff having a conversation with a student about their dress (see dress code policy guidance.) This conversation will be noted on Bromcom and in some cases, can result in a student being asked to work in the sixth form area or being asked to go home to change.