Year 6 Transition FAQs

How do I contact the school?

Your main point of contact with the school should be through your child’s form tutor.

Any queries or concerns should be sent to them initially. If you feel you would like to speak to someone other than your child’s form tutor you can contact either the Year Leader or the Year Assistant. All contact details can be found on the school website.

If your child is too ill to attend school you should phone the main school on the morning of your child’s absence before 9am. Please report their name, form and brief reason for absence. Sackville School main number is 01342 410140.

What happens if my child feels unwell during the day?

If your child feels unwell during the day they should go and see Mrs Hill in the medical room at break or lunch, or if in a lesson, ask their teacher if they can go there. Mrs Hill will discuss how your child is feeling and ascertain if it is necessary to contact you. Sometimes a child just needs a quiet sit down after which they may be able to return to lessons. On certain occasions Medical may be closed, if this is the case students should go to the Community office. If students are able to go to reception where a first aid trained member of staff can attend and assist them, if no one is in their Community office.

What do the students do for lunch?

We have a canteen area in which students can either eat their packed lunch or a school dinner purchased from the canteen. This year Sackville has introduced a new “biometric automated recognition system”, which we use in the school canteen. This operates by way of each student having their fingerprint scanned, which creates a numeric algorithm which retains information on the system which will permit your child to access services. Cash can be added to this system and can be topped up online, or in the finance department, or using the cash machines to add money into which are located outside the finance offices.

This is a much quicker payment method, speeding up any queues. It also reduces the need for students to carry money on a regular basis. Letters will be sent out to all parents for consent prior to fingerprint scanning.

What should I do if my child loses something?

Losing things at school is unfortunately, part of school life. Chances of reuniting students with their belongings increase dramatically if they are clearly labelled. In such a large school it can be hard to differentiate individual’s property; a clear name tag makes returning items much easier. If your child has lost something they should check to see if it has been handed in to lost property by seeing Mrs Hill in the medical room. They should also retrace their steps and return to the classrooms/ changing rooms they have been to that day to see if they have left it there. They should do this on the day that they discover the loss. If this proves unsuccessful, it is sometimes worth checking with lost property again, after a few days have elapsed.

How can I check what homework my child is set?

Sackville uses a system called My Child At School. This is an online system which can be accessed by students, parents and teachers. Each student, and parent, will receive their own username and password. You will be able to log in and check what homework your child has been set, and a time estimation for how long your child should spend on each homework task, and when it is due in. My Child At School is also available as an app for smart phones.

What if my child is unhappy?

If for any reason your child is unhappy please encourage them to talk to their Form Tutor in the first instance, Community office or another member of staff. The staff at Sackville are extremely welcoming and would be happy to discuss and support as much possible with any issues or concerns.

What stationery does my child need?

We recommend that each student has a pencil case containing

  • A black pen
  • A green pen
  • A pencil
  • A pencil sharpener
  • An eraser
  • A ruler
  • A pair of compasses
  • An angle measurer

We have a stationery shop in school in the AVA department next to the school nurse. Here you can buy a pencil case with the necessary equipment in. There are two sizes available. The smaller one has a 15cm (6 inch) ruler and the larger on a 30cm (12 inch) ruler.

The following items can also be purchased from the AVA shop during school, should you have forgotten any items:

  • Pencil, 5p
  • Pen black /green, 10p
  • Highlighter, 30p
  • Sharpener, 10p
  • Eraser, 10p
  • Glue stick, 30p
  • Large ruler, 20p
  • Small ruler, 15p
  • Protractor, 40p
  • Compass, 25p
  • Colour pencils x 12 pack, £1.00
  • Small pencil case clear, 60p
  • Maths exam-ready pencil case, £2.00