We aim to nurture a love of learning in our students, allowing them to develop a deeper awareness of cultural, environmental and ethical  issues.

-To embed knowledge through the study of  A level Psychology specification.

-Develop skills of  application and evaluation using the A level Psychology specification.

-Develop an understanding of human behaviour through the study of theories and scientific research

-Develop the ability to apply this intellectual knowledge  to practical situations. 

-Use and analyse scientific data to support research theories

-Understand a variety of psychological approaches  

-Equip students for further study, training or employment.   

-Link topics covered to other subject areas and SMSC programme (mental and emotional wellbeing / healthy relationships)


The study of Psychology provides students with invaluable opportunities to gather, analyse and evaluate knowledge, data and theories. It  questions, challenges assumptions and encourages the development of an enquiring mind. Students have opportunities to work individually and as part of a team. The development of both written and data analysis skills provide a stimulating and exciting learning environment. Students are encouraged to gain an awareness of the role and influence of culture and gender.  This ties in with their age-appropriate SMSC programme.

Students gain skills which are not only transferred between subject areas but also provide a sound springboard for moving forward either in employment or further study.



Curriculum Team Leader for Psychology – Mrs Bethanie Wright

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Bush Mel MBH
Wright Bethanie BWT