Health and Social Care


Health and Social Care allows students to explore and develop their knowledge of human lifespan development and practices and systems within health and social care. At Sackville students explore the curriculum through a broad range of activities and experiences. Students are offered hands- on experience of the subject  both in lessons and through extra curricular. 

Throughout the course students will develop the ability to identify, explain and analyse. They will be able to recall the different life stages we experience and how we can measure our growth and development. Students will also be able to identify the barriers faced when accessing health care and how they can be overcome.


Health and Social Care (HSC) gives invaluable opportunities for students to explore careers within the sector as well as having exposure to industry professionals. The subject’s hands- on approach allows students to experience how to use what they are taught in real life scenarios. 

HSC enables students to work collaboratively whilst developing teamwork and leadership skills. The content taught explores many topics that challenge students’ viewpoints and celebrates our diversity.   

HSC  taught at Sackville encourages all students to feel confident in exploring current issues within the industry. It equips students with the subject specific skills and knowledge necessary for future learning and careers, and develops transferable skills for life..



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Curriculum Team Leader for Health and Social Care – Mrs Holly Whitmore

Last Name First Name Staff Code Work Email
Sands Gill GSS
Valentine Helen HVE
Whitmore Holly HWE