Hugo and Erwan

Hugo and Erwan

Hugo Palmer and Erwan Ferrieux

Many of us will be aware that these two fine ex-Sackville students were taken by the sea at far too young an age in February this year.
These were fantastic young men, with an exciting future ahead of them. Both saw life as a great adventure, and devoured what it had to offer voraciously. Their journey down the coast of Australia was typical of this.
Hugo will be remembered above all as a student who was sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. His mature approach to his studies and the wider school life made him a successful and popular student. Teachers regularly commended him on his strong work ethic, his resilience, and latterly his strong set of employment-friendly skills. They were impressed by his modesty and keenness to seek out and act upon advice.
Erwan showed throughout his school career that he was very much his own man. One of his teachers recalls him ‘working to the beat of a different drum’ and this sums up the young man so fondly remembered by the school. He worked successfully at his academic studies, and was often commended for his industrious attitude. But beyond this he could always be relied upon for an original and interesting interpretation of what he was learning and we often felt we learned as much from him as he did from us.
We are immensely proud of the fine young men these two became, and our thoughts are with their families at this time. They will be long remembered by all of us.
We would now like to share with you the link to a crowdfunding page set up by Hugo’s mother and Aunt. A target of £30,000 has been set to build memorial skate-ramps at the skate park in Forest Row where Hugo spent so much of his time. All donations are of course welcome, and we will update our website with news of the project as it develops.
Knowing that the next generation of boarders were honing their skills on his legacy would have made Hugo extremely proud.


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