Remembering Andrew Smith

Remembering Andrew Smith

Remembering Andrew Smith

Mr Street writes on November 17th:-

I was really touched today when unexpectedly I received an email from Andrew’s mum Sophie with these two pictures attached.

Sophie reminded me that it was two years ago today that the then Year 8 (current Year 10) of which Andrew was a member, arranged a charitable basketball game to raise money for the cancer ward that was treating Andrew. I will never forget the roar from Andrew’s peers as he wheeled himself into the sports hall; it was both emotional and deafening and clearly showed the love we had for Andrew and the support he was going to receive from the Sackville community through the challenging times ahead.

This then got me thinking about the current challenges we face as a community in dealing with a global pandemic and contemplating what Andrew would have done. I am in no doubt that he would have tackled the challenges head on, remained positive and tried to live as normal a life as possible whilst at the same time thinking of and supporting others.

So, as we move into winter, remember we are all part of a respectful, supportive community and like we did for Andrew two years ago, let’s pull together, be kind and support one another.


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