STEM Challenge – Border Hill Gardens

STEM Challenge – Border Hill Gardens

Rebecca T, Eleanor M, and Sanulya J did the school proud at the STEM Challenge event last week at Borde Hill Gardens.

They had a stall set up with a display board and the hovercraft they built (the aim was to build a hovercraft and attempt as many laps as possible around a course). They were visited by eight judges and they spoke very well and were confident in their responses.

They then had to deliver a presentation on their project to the other schools and a panel of judges.

The final task was the laps around a course. They managed five laps and would have had more but another hovercraft went into the back of us, causing the steering to not work properly. It also knocked the motor loose which led to the propeller snapping.

We didn’t pick up an award but the students did very well despite several problems and setbacks over the course of the challenge.





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