Steve Latus – still a legend after forty years

Steve Latus – still a legend after forty years

Steve Latus – still a legend after forty years

At the end of term in July, as well as saying our fond farewells to those departing for pastures new, we marked a very special anniversary: Steve Latus has taught at Sackville for forty years. When he started with us, Mrs Thatcher had just become prime-minister, Pink Floyd had just released ‘The Wall’, and Arsenal had just beaten Manchester United in the ‘Five-Minute Cup Final’.

That is a long time to serve one school, and what service Steve has given. He is very fondly remembered by hundreds of geography students and those who were in the several year groups he headed up. There have been some lovely comments on Instagram:

  • Great man, taught me and now teaching my son. Keep going! You were a firm favourite back in my day and still are now!
  • The man is a legend, he taught me many years ago, and has since taught my daughter, I’m hoping my son will have the same experience soon!
  • Best head of year ever 
  • He’s taught two of my three this year and been brilliant. One of the loveliest, funniest teachers to meet at parents’ evening too.
  • Loved by my partner and me in the 90’s when we were at Sackville, now loved by our kids too! 
  • What an amazing man! As he interviewed my new year 7 for September he told us that’s its never seemed like ‘work’ because he’s loved every day.

Well done to someone who truly makes Sackville what it is.


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