Treya wins resilience award

Treya wins resilience award

Treya wins British Dyslexia Society resilience award

Huge congratulations to year 13 student Treya Lufu (pictured on the left here) who was presented with the Cadogan Award for Resilience from the British Dyslexia Association, at a prestigious awrds dinner at Twickenham rugby stadium. 

Treya shared a table with ex Wales rugby international Lee Byrne who was able to talk about his experiences of being dyslexic. He also mentioned how nervous he was about having to speak in front of the large audience. Hearing such a successful person as Lee saying this gave Treya the courage she needed when it was her turn to address the 170 people present. During her speech Treya confidently talked about her journey through school, and thanked the teachers who helped her.

Finally she says “If you have dyslexia, you are not dumb – it’s a gift! You are smart, just in a different way.”

Well done Treya – if anyone ever deserved this award it is you.


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