Philippa Iball

Philippa Iball

1.       Briefly outline your journey from leaving school to where you are today

I began studying with the open university in year 13 as the regulations were changing, I wanted to be registered in case I wanted to study in the future, which I have continued to do an am at the end of my first ‘year’- did you know they have an office in East Grinstead? I didn’t!

Leaving sixth form knowing I wanted to go straight into work I chose something I knew would be used in almost every job role, business administration. I took a level two apprenticeship with Equiniti Paymaster- a pensions company in Crawley- to discover all areas of business and see where I might fit in. 

I soon discovered I needed a more creatively suited role and so after 8 months I moved to EventShare, an events and exhibitions company also based in Crawley but working on large shows in London and around the UK. I continued my apprenticeship with them and found this job a lot more enjoyable but also very stressful and time consuming as working on shows involves incredibly long hours and weeks away from home. Once I completed my apprenticeship it was time to decide if the events world was where I saw myself in the future.

My passion for photography and modelling was still something I desired to try and felt now was the best time for me as I am still supported by my parents and have saved enough money to buy my own car and start paying for things myself without the pressure of bills. I applied for a number of jobs over December 2013 which was difficult because companies are closing for Christmas. However, I came across AMA, the association of model agents, and began to send in my photos to a number of approved and registered agencies. I heard back and am now signed to M+P as one of their new faces and have begun building my portfolio so that I can be featured on their website and sent out into the world of work.

2.       One piece of advice you would give your 16 year old self

 I would advise you to follow your real passion as you’ll most likely end up there anyway or wish you had tried!

3.       Any stand-out moments of your progression from school to now (interviews, moving away from home etc.)

I have found the interviews that get me the jobs are ones where I can interact with the interviewer and share an interest, perhaps even take them off topic so that they can see my real personality and also how well we would work together.

Oh and a personal achievement, I bought my own Seat Ibiza 59 plate last year which I adore and am proud to have as my own. I also had enough money to go on two holidays in 2013.

4.       Best and Worst parts of the job or course you are doing now

I am so excited to be in the modelling industry as it is something I have always wanted to do, my only worry is the reliability of the industry and if I will be able to support myself in a years time.

5.       Describe a normal day in your working or studying life

I get a daily schedule via email each evening telling me the plans and appointments for the next day. At the moment it’s usually a test shoot in London or at the agencies office taking Polaroids and getting all my details recorded, I’m currently writing this while getting my hair done- all part of the job!

6.       Fondest memory from school

Being new to Sackville for sixth form was daunting but I am so glad I did it. Everyone was so lovely and friendly and would drop me off to my lessons and meet me in my frees until I got settled in, there was always a buzz around school I thoroughly enjoyed art and photography even if I ended up taking year 13 photography as a one on one lesson! 

I’ve made some friends for life and we are still able to keep on touch even though we’ve gone our separate ways.

I hope this helps you to decide what you really want to do and know that if uni is not it then there are plenty of other options. You still have time to decide what you want so don’t worry if you suddenly change your mind just do something you are really passionate about.