Sam Ashley-Williams

1. Briefly outline your journey from leaving school to where you are today

Having studied an extra year in the Sixth Form at Sackville, in which I studied four A-Levels in Law, Geography, Business Studies and Drama and Theatre Studies, during which I worked part-time at `Fat Face’ in town and worked almost full time over the subsequent summer in order to save money to fund (a very small amount) of my University education. Results day arrived and I managed to obtain high enough grades to allow me to study an Undergraduate Degree at a top 20 University in Law and the University of Kent in Canterbury.

2. One piece of advice you would give your 16 year old self

Everyone will tell you this, but to find the right balance between studying and socialising as hard work really does pay off and the earlier you start to do so the easier it is for you in the long term to build for a successful career in the future. However, not everyone can just spend their life with there head in a book so have fun whilst doing so… just don’t over do it!

3. Any stand-out moments of your progression from school to now (interviews, moving away from home etc.)

Moving into your halls at University is a huge step in your life, do not underestimate it, it was the point in my life when I realised “wow you’re an adult now” having to take care of everything yourself and lead an entirely independent lifestyle, budgeting your money, paying bills etc.

4. Best and Worst parts of the job or course you are doing now

Best Part: Studying a course which allows you to critically assess the laws which guide our everyday lives and the morality of society of which these are developed from. The other part is the ability to on a regular basis converse with people who are not only researching the law in depth but publishing their findings on a global scale whilst also networking with professionals who work in the city who are on the forefront of the industry.

Worst Part: “For next week we would like you to read all 250 pages on XYZ`s theory on Contractual Law…”.

5. Describe a normal day in your working or studying life

Monday 8:15am, all twenty alarms that I have set on my phone are going off at once reminding me to get up for the 9am Land Law Seminar that I have, quickly hop in the shower, run to the bus stop, get the bus into University, making it in for 8:59am, talk about the questions set regarding the few hundred pages of the text book that I`ve been set to read the previous week. Go to the library from 10am till 2pm working on both the seminar prep for further seminars or undergoing research in order to answer one of several essays I have been set. Go to afternoon lectures from 2pm till 5pm, return back home to have dinner and undergo further reading, get back on the bus for Hockey training from 9pm till 10:30pm, return back home and get back into bed ready to be up for tomorrows 9am Seminar. (Thankfully I have Wednesdays off!)

6. Fondest memory from school

Wow, where to begin? Firstly, without a doubt is the huge amount of support I received from the teaching staff whilst I went through troubling personal circumstances, without them there is no doubt that I would not be in the position I am today.

Secondly has to be winning the `Mission Virgin Galactic’ Competition in years 10/11, in which alongside the support of Mr Bush and Mrs Rowlingston we won a trip of a lifetime to Los Angeles and New Mexico where by we watched the inaugural flight of the Virgin Galactic Space Craft whilst meeting the likes of Sir Richard Branson and Buzz Aldrin!

Thirdly is playing one of the lead roles `Brit’ in the school’s production of `We Will Rock You’ in year 12, special thanks has to go to the entire Drama department for making it a possibility to undertake such an experience which will stay with me for the rest of my life.