Resources to Support Home Learning

There will be times when we are forced to partially or fully close the school. On this page you will find a great wealth of resources available to students and their families to support remote learning. Our desire would always be to provide live lessons using Google Meet where possible and this will be our first option. However, when there are circumstances that may mean this is not possible, we want to provide resources to enable students to self study. On this page you will find interactive tools and websites that parents and carers can access to help guide their child and ensure they have access to meaningful education during these times.

If KS5 students are not in a live, remotely conducted lesson, they should use the time wisely to undertake independent subject work and any relevant subject related extension work that has been suggested by staff.

Activity Link Description Years Subjects
Reading All students should be reading as often as possible. We would suggest students do an hour of independent reading that will support them to improve their literacy.

Guided reading (reading aloud to your children while they read along) is also a great way for them to develop their literacy.

7-13 Literacy (affects all subjects!)
Hegarty Maths Hegarty Maths Students will all have a Hegarty Maths login which has been provided by the Maths department.

There are videos that are designed to help every learner conquer difficult maths topics and support through different question types.

7-11 Maths and numeracy
Oak Academy Oak Academy Full Site


Some subjects

Thousands of free full video lessons, resources and activities. Some subjects have been discontinued on the main Oak Academy website but you can access them through the second link. 7-11 English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, French, German, Spanish,  PE, Beliefs and Values, Computing, Drama, DT
Fun Brain Reading Books Most suitable for Year 7, 8 and 9 students, this website gives free access to reading books such as including  ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’. 7-9 Literacy
Seneca Seneca Online Pick from 1000+ KS2, KS3, GCSE & A Level courses based on exam board specifications. The content is condensed to what students actually need to know for your exams.

Ideal for knowledge retention and quizzing.

7-13 Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computing, DT, Drama, Economics, English, Food Prep, French, Geography, German, History, Maths, Media Studies, Music, PE, Politics, Psychology, Beliefs and Values, Science, Sociology, Spanish
Educake Educake Students can use their logins that have been provided from the Science department to access quizzes that can completed on a mobile device. There is instant feedback if they get answers wrong and extra revision help from Educake study guides 7-11 English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Computing, PE
PiXL Endurance – Fitness Fitness Videos Use the login details here to use the PiXL Endurance website to access a wide range of fitness videos at any time. Physical activity is a key part of the school day and you do not have to miss out because you are at home!


School Number: 402458


Password: Indep41

7-13 Wellbeing
PiXL Endurance – Recipe Cards Recipe Cards and Videos Use the login details here to use the PiXL Endurance website to access a wide range of recipe cards that you could use at home. The recipes are designed to be nutritionally balanced and to help improve focus – ideal for days where everyone need a bit of a boost!


School Number: 402458


Password: Indep41

7-13 Wellbeing

These resources will also be supportive when students are not able to access school due to prolonged illness or other extenuating circumstances. Clearly, they are not a substitute for in school learning but will support students to have some work when needed. We expect all students to attend full time when school is open.