A brave new world of remote learning

A brave new world of remote learning

A brave new world of remote learning

Well done to all of our students who have made a strong start on our school closure ‘remote learning’ programme.

Work is being set for years 7-10 and year 12 to make sure they stay up to speed with their courses even though they are not at school.

We are busy surveying parents to see how this provision is working as we make the transition to fully home-based learning. Students are working very hard overall, but maybe the real heroes here are the parents and carers – keeping secondary school students interested is always a challenge!

Students, teachers and parents have all become very familiar with ‘Show my Homework’ and all of the other technologies that are signposted off it. It’s good to see pictures of students at work coming in. The whole Day family is at work in one of these photos (and only one is a Sackville student at present!). Adam in year 10 has a good workstation rigged up and is storming through the work set. Ciaran in year 9 has been cunningly set some food work by mum which has resulted in a splendid meal. Mia, also in year 9 has been busy honing her food and hospitality skills making Easter brownies. Food is a big theme in fact, with Wilfie, also in year 7, hard at work in the kitchen. Oh, and there is one of Mr Heatley doing a ‘heavy rock’ workout on the beach!

There’s loads going on and the only thing we can be sure of is that we are all learning together as we go now!


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