Book Club

Book Club returned this week after a short hiatus and we have been trying our hand at some folding book art.

We followed a set of guidelines for making our own hearts out of folding pages in some old hardback books that we had left over from previous years in the English Department that are no longer on the curriculum.

We had a good time measuring, marking, folding and then displaying our 3D book hearts whilst munching biscuits and catching up about all things book related. It was surprisingly easy and pretty good fun.

Why not follow our instructions and see if you can make your own book art at home? Send a picture of your finished work to: Ms Wernham on and be entered into our prize draw.

Or even better bring it in to show off and display in the LRC. There are lots of free patterns and tutorials available for other shapes and even words online, so get creative and share your results with us!


Book Club runs every Thursday in the LRC 3pm to 4pm and is open to new members, plus we have biscuits.


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