Physicists visit Dungeness B Power Station

Physics teachers are fond of saying ‘physics is everywhere‘. Whilst this of course is true, it is fair to say there is more than an average amount of physics at Dungeness B Power Station, which is why our A level students took a day trip there on March 6th.

The students were able to see how nuclear fission and electromagnetism combine to generate power in this corner of Kent. The staff at the station were also keen to impress upon the students safety measures in place after the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown, which have involved building a large sea wall around the reactor to protect against tidal surges.
Students were also introduced to the gridwatch website, where you can see live information on the proportions of electricity coming from each power source, as we try to wean ourselves off coal and gas. A final treat was a practical engineering activity during which the students had to build model pylons capable of holding a given weight.
Thank you to Mr Keeble, Mr Bush and Mrs Plumb for accompanying the students.


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