Reading Week kicks off with a bang

Reading Week kicks off with a bang

Reading Week kicks off with a bang

Reading Week has truly kicked off with a bang (and many somersaults) this year, in the shape of author and motivational speaker Marcus Alexander.

Marcus enjoyed spending an action-packed day with students from years 7, 8 and 9, affirming the importance of reading, promoting creative writing skills, and showcasing both his popular range of fantasy books – the ‘Keeper of the Realms’ series – and his amazing acrobatic skills!

After providing two talks for years 7 and 8 earlier in the day, Marcus was then positively mobbed by students seeking selfies and autographs in the LRC at lunchtime. 

During two creative writing workshops with a small group of students, Marcus encouraged these budding writers to work on their characterisation skills and write an action-packed chase sequence for one of his characters from the ‘Keeper of the Realms’ series. Using a parkour performance from Marcus as a stimulus, year 8 Charlie Snashfold wrote the outstanding piece below. Well done to Charlie and all our other top writers!

The Chase

The wind slashed at his face and grabbed at his clothes as he ran for his life. Jensen de Willow was on the run once again. His blood ferociously coursed through his veins as he dodged in between the confused civilians, sending a few tumbling as he passed. Smells of delicious food flooded his nostrils and reminded him of home and what he was fighting for. Flashes of jewellery and delicious exotic meats mixed with produce from Ghalgron rushed past him. He spared a glance back at his enemy, who was making ground with each step. The bison like creature pounded its hooves on the cobble and stared down Jensen with fiery orange eyes. Its veins pulsed madly beneath the coal black fur. As the bridge came into sight, the colossal hellion bellowed a sound so chilling and painful that it could only be described as hellish. Panicked, Jensen fumbled for his notorious thorn gun, and shot wildly as he made one final dash for the bridge. Cobble changed to wood, and sounds of rushing water filled his large, pointy ears. A gap in the bridge slowly formed. He faltered, hesitated, and finally jumped.


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