Sackville entertain Estcots year 6 students

Sackville entertain Estcots year 6 students

Sackville musicians entertain Estcots year 6 students

Everyone school student needs cheering up in the dark days of the winter term. What better way than to come to Sackville and listen to our sixth form musicians? That was certainly the view of a group of year 6 Estcots students when they came to hear Ollie Howland, Chloe Harman, Tia Bartlett, Lewin Parker, Fraser Hounslow, Michael Hoelters, Craig Thorne and Tom Trounson show off their considerable talent during the last week of November. 

The students went back to Estcots and wrote about their experiences, showing a mature and well-developed sense of audience. Our English and music departments will be looking forward to working with these students next September!


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