Year 11 Macbeth Workshop – Student Report

Year 11 Macbeth Workshop – Student Report

Year 11 recently participated in a Macbeth workshop to help us with our upcoming English Literature GCSE. It was led by actors who had previously performed in Shakespeare plays including Macbeth. They helped us to understand Macbeth from a contemporary perspective and showed us how the way a scene is performed plays a vital role in interpreting certain characters. This was done through acting out various scenes from the play, and then asking for our opinions on how the portrayal of characters like Macbeth could be adapted and improved, to help the audience fully understand their intentions and emotions.

They discussed our ideas with us, whilst educating us on the context behind the play and they then used our suggestions to re-enact the scene. I enjoyed the workshop as it allowed me to hear my peers’ perspectives on how they perceive the characters, whilst also encouraging us to think about how Shakespeare intended to portray characters, and how it is important we understand this when sitting our exam. The interactive element of the workshop really got us all thinking, whilst also keeping us entertained and engaged through the performances of key scenes.


Reported by K Stirzaker, Year 11


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