Year 13 drama

Year 13 drama

A2 drama students sign off in style

Earlier performances by this group of young people led us to expect a lot, but our A2 students’ devised pieces surpassed even our high expectations. The first, inspired by the high school shooting written about by Bob Geldof in I dont Like Mondays, explored similarities between that tragedy and the gruesome acts of Jack the Ripper in the nineteenth century and the Yorkshire Ripper 100 years later. The young schoolgirl was presented as someone provoked beyond endurance. In the end, the audience were invited to act as jury at her trial.
This was followed by a dystopian view of the future in which a citizen’s worth was measured by the quality of their social media interactions. The power a high rating conferred on people in the end led them to lose their moral compass, another twist on the way power corrupts.
As these students leave school this summer we hope they will find time to continue performing. We are going to miss them!


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