Year 8 Maths Murder Mystery

Year 8 Maths Murder Mystery

Year 8s solve the maths and science murder mystery

Year 8 students were confronted with a crime scene as they came into assembly on Wednesday July 10th. This was the culmination of a series of maths and science lessons in which they were charged with solving a murder.

The students had spent the previous two weeks learning about codes and code breaking in maths, and forensics in their science lessons. The had to put their skills to the test to find out who was responsible for the crime scene. Mr Roberts gave a fine performance as a forensic scientist, complete with gruesome props, but it was not enough to throw the students off the scent – for Mr Roberts was the murderer!

If he is not in lessons for a while, you know why …

Thank-you to the maths and science teachers for making this happen, and to Ms Jeffcoat in particular for organising the fun.


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