Charlotte and Rose going down a Storm …

Charlotte and Rose going down a Storm …

Huge congratulations to Charlotte Hedley and Rose Wyartt in year 8, who have just returned from an overnight fixture in Bristol with Crawley Storm’s U14 premier team. A few months ago they had hardly picked up a basketball, now they both regularly get onto the scoreboard with a team that plays in the National League.

The trip to Bristol resulted in a narrow loss for Storm, but the girls are confident of revenge on home turf later this season.

Worth noting this is all the result of our PE outreach programme led by Mrs Currie, who brought in Storm coach Karl Youngman back in June to run taster sessions for our students.

For all players and budding players, Crawley Storm run a really friendly Friday night league called the Crawley Basketball League.  It’s a great way to get some match experience with players of all abilities. Check it our here.


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