Sackville’s ‘Big Reveal’ hits a new high …

Sackville’s ‘Big Reveal’ hits a new high …

The run up to Christmas has truly started when the Sackville Big Reveal takes place. Santa’s little helpers have been very busy indeed this year, and his representatives in school, Mr Feist and Mr Grant, had a very hard, but enjoyable, time judging all the entries.

The Overall Winner for 2021 is…..

🎄🎄the Attendance Office: Santa’s Post Office 🎺🎺🍾🍾

The following will also receive prizes

  • Best Adult Office: the Y9-Y11 Office area: A Disco Christmas
  • The Ho, Ho, Ho, Award: the Main Office: Oh Yes It Is!
  • Best Tutor Room: 7MTY: Reindeers’ Shed
  • Best Individual Display: 8HGS: TheTutor Group Elves
  • Most Imaginative Display: 12/13 MBH East Grantstead (including a life size portrait of our outgoing leader!!)
  • Most Artistic Display: 8CHD: The Cupboard Presents

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