Children in Need

Children in Need

A very special non-uniform day at Sackville

Non-uniform days at Sackville are always amazing, but Friday 16 November was very special. We welcomed back to the school year 8 student Andrew Smith, currently receiving treatment at the University College Hospital in London. Andrew’s passion is basketball; in year 7 he was the main man in our successful team. To mark his visit, and to raise money for the hospital, year 8s staged a basketball match for Andrew. Before the game, there were some shooting competitions and Andrew showed us just how capable he is, scoring two baskets in two shots. 
After school Endersby’s All-Star Year 8 Tutor Team took on Street’s All-Comers. Andrew’s year team did him proud, winning the game 23-8.
Earlier in the day it was a case of ‘get in the queue early’ for our usual Children in Need cake sales. This year, alongside the usual amazing array of comestibles in the The Link, some of our year 7 students had spent Thursday evening baking, and sold their wares in the canteen. 
Check next week’s Sackville News for an update on how much has been raised!


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