Sackville Business Language Champions

Sackville Business Language Champions

Year 10 students show they are language champions

Year 10 MFL stars Dilyn Arro, Matei Cumpatescu and Reece Dickenson teamed up with students from Reed’s school to win the first prize in the recent Business Language Champions event.

An intrepid group of 14 GCSE language learners travelled to Reed’s school in Cobham to attend on Thursday Dec 5th. They were divided into multilingual groups and worked with students from other schools on a number of marketing tasks using German, French and Spanish. These included a radio jingle, a flyer, a slogan and a mock-up of a stall.

Some were required to book accommodation in the target language and at all stages they had to overcome any reticence and collaborate with new acquaintances to build teamwork, communication and language skills.

A special mention to Matthew Botten who was a member of a winning team in one of the sub-categories.

The willingness and enthusiasm of all to get involved typified the Sackville ethos and the students were a credit to the school.

Thank-you to Mr Green for organising the event and accompanying the students.


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