VE Day

VE celebrations in East Grinstead

No-one envisaged it would be like this when Prime Minister Theresa May announced that May Day Bank Holiday 2020 would switch to Friday May 8th, to allow a proper celebration of the 75th anniversary of VE Day

Nevertheless, people managed to pay their respects as best they could. As you can see from the video clip, at 10.59 am Wilfie Fenn-Wood in year 7 joined virtually with his scout and guide band to play the ‘Last Post’ as the country prepared to observe a two-minute silence (see video). Johannes Kool of Imberhorne School, son of our Senior Science Technician, is also pictured here playing the cornet as 11.00 am approached. Johannes was one of six cornet players in Crawley Down who managed to play simultaneously in different parts of the village.

Later to honour the work done during the war at the QVH under the guidance of Sir Archibald McIndoe a lone Spitfire overflew the town and dipped its wings in salute. Our own Miss Offler captured this stunning photo of the Spitfire.

Thank-you too to Mrs Farrant and Mrs Furniss for sharing video footage of the flypast.



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