Geography A2 Field Trip 2021

Geography A2 Field Trip 2021

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October 2021 sees the first residential geography field trip since the summer of 2019.

Our A2 students are hard at work from Thursday 28 Ocotber to Monday 1 November. They started looking at coastal erosion and beach profiles off the Sussex coast. On Friday, the group travelled to west Wales, stopping in Port Talbot to analyse the quality of urban life. Saturday saw the team collect a prodigious amount of both human and physical data making the best of the drier day of the weekend. This formed the basis for presentations on Sunday, and will in several cases be used for coursework. The human survey from Port Talbot was repeated in Tenby. Beach profiles and dune transects were then made at Broadhaven South and Freshwater West (famous as the beach where Dobby was buried).

Sunday was one of the windiest days of the year, and some activities were slightly curtailed. Nonetheless the team were able to see the Green Bridge of Wales and the geos of Stennis Ford and Hunstman’s Leap, and the fault at Stackpole Quay.


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