The Scottish Play visits Sackville

The Scottish Play visits Sackville

We are looking forward to our year 11 students taking their literature exams this summer after a very amusing school presentation visited in March.

The students were invited not just to watch the professionals at work, but to join in too. Judging by the reaction of some of our students it was not an experience they would forget.

“I really enjoyed my time in the Macbeth Workshop, I played the role of Macbeth and it was a hilarious, enjoyable time. The adults supervising and guiding the story did a great job of keeping everything on-track so the story didn’t strive too far from the original. It was fun and for people who weren’t all too up with the story of Macbeth I feel it could have been an alright insight although slightly lacking because of it being highly improvised.

The section at the end where the adults performed the scene where we first see the witches was an interesting insight into how the slightest change in technique can change an entire scene’s ambience. Towards the end of it I found it very comedic too.

Great 10/10 experience.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the engaging Macbeth performance. The costumes were great as was the music and supportive audience. The presenters were knowledgeable, supportive and encouraged volunteers. Overall I think it was a remarkable experience that will be remembered fondly.”

“From my perspective of the Macbeth workshop as a student, it was very well presented, letting us students get involved. Not only is it fun for us to be involved but it also is testing how much we remember of the play and how well we have learnt it. It is a good chance to let us know where we need to revise more. Further towards the end when the students had finished the acting, we were given another chance to help improve the actors’ skills on how to make their short improv performance better and how it could be made more memorable for the students when thinking about those scenes in the play. It was good fun to watch and for those to be involved was very enjoyable.”


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